Organic Almond Protein – 8oz

Single Ingredient • Organic • Plant Based • Soy Free • Gluten Free



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Like coconuts, almonds are drupes (or stone fruits), not nuts and are actually the seeds of the fruit of the almond tree. Almonds are related to peaches, cherries and apricots, all stone (or pit) fruits. Raw almonds are naturally rich in Vitamins (B2, H), LEKITHOS® Organic Almond Protein is an excellent source of phosphorus, protein, magnesium, Vitamin B2 and a good source of calcium, dietary, potassium and Vitamin B3. LEKITHOS® organic plant proteins are single ingredient products always made without the use preservatives or chemical solvents.


Add up to one serving (28g) to your favorite beverage. Other applications include baking, cereals, toppings, vegetarian or vegan indulgences.

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