Organic Lupine Protein

22G Protein • 4.2G BCAAs • 6.6G Glutaminic Acid • 2G Carbohydrates • Certified Organic • Gluten-Free




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Lupine (or Lupin) is a member of the legume family. It’s beans are a staple of mediterranean cuisine. Lupines have a history as a food tracing back more than 2000 years, being eaten by various middle east cultures and pre-Inka civilizations. Now, we’ve brought this product right to your kitchen. Lekithos® Organic Lupine Protein Powder also boasts a wide amino acid profile providing vital nutrients for the human body for muscle growth and maintaining your overall health. One of these amino acids that Lekithos® Lupine Protein Powder is rich in is Glutaminic Acid. This amino acid can provide benefits in digestive function and prevent the breakdown of your muscle cells, making this a common nutritive addition to people who workout for prolonged periods of time. LEKITHOS® Organic Lupine Protein is an excellent source of protein (22g) – our highest protein containing product at present – and provides 8% of Omega-6 and 14% of Omega-9 fatty acids per serving.




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